September Wessex
Long time no speaky. Apologies, much going on.
Aya was great, if you weren't there you missed out!
Upcoming events are the Cosplay Roadshow, Fuyucon, and of course the London October Expo.
(If you're going to the Cosplay Roadshow on Saturday 12/10/09 or fancy it, drop me an email: especially if you'd like to run an event or panel!)
Okay- this weekend Ailsa & I are away, but my house should be free to have a Wessex Meet on Sunday 13/10/09 - unfortunately we're also away on 19th and 20th of September. 27th of September is also looking free.
Answers on a postcard! Of course, if someone else wants to host while we're away, we can get stuff to you in advance.
The weekend of the 3rd and 4th of October should see many people coming on down for a gathering / party at ours.
Everyone is invited- so if you weren't sure about coming along to a meet and would prefer to say "hi" during something less formal then this could well be it.
One More Thing- Saki fans, when is a good day to mahjong?
Cheers all
Granny Gertrude
07905 204849

No meet until after Aya
 Due to costume commitments and Granny entertaining over half his family this week, no Wessex Meet until after Aya.

Don't forget to ask if you have stuff that needs taking to Aya (including yourself)

Actually got some email responses :P
 Seems that there are enough people who want to meet up this Sunday 26/07/09
We still have not sorted out another venue, so I guess my place again.
Just in case: 27 Eastfield Avenue Bath BA1 4HG
Lifts available, etc...
 * * * * *
Next big event is Ayacon, but I'm guessing if you're going to that you're already sorted...
Once Aya is over and done with and people can stop panicking over costumes we'll start looking at some other meet ups. Anyone worked out the rules for Mahjong yet?
Granny Gertrude

Next meet - 26th?
Do we want to meet this coming Sunday, 26/07/09, or is everyone in Aya costume panic mode?

 * * * * *

Longleat was great, sorry that most people could not come. We'll try again after Aya? (This time, when asked what weekends are free... yadda yadda yadda)

Also after Aya mahjong night is planned. It's a Good Idea ^_^ 

GG says...
Just a quick message from work (to make sure I don't forget to send one entirely)

Next Wessex Anime Meet
Sunday 12th July 2009 14:00 to 18:00
Granny's House (27 Eastfield Avenue Bath BA1 4HG)

Watching more Crystal Blaze, Toradora, and no doubt Saki...

Please note my car has recently exploded (well... it doesn't work anyway) so lifts may be... interesting unless I buy another car fast.
If anyone would like to propose another accessible venue with parking (until we sort out another pub) that's fine.


I should have another car sorted by the time of the Longleat visit, or I will hire one (in which case I won't be driving through the monkey enclosure...) - we've got 5 confirmed and 2 maybe's so far, please shout out if you're interested and haven't told me yet! 

 Next Wessex Anime Session
Sunday 28th June 
Granny's House 27 Eastfield Avenue Bath BA1 4HG
Having feasted on the (finishing already) new season at the last session, I'm expecting to either continue with Toradora and Crystal Blaze, or possibly getting knocked out while people watch anime about mahjong. Who knows?
If anyone wants to make a request for this session, let us know!
Sunday 19th July
Let's do it! I have space for 2 people in my car (or three if someone is happy with a non window seat).
Shout out to me if you are coming, and either need or have space in a car.
(It's not impossible that another visit will happen in August or September but I would not count on it)
While watching 'Saki' at the last session, a number of people fancied working out how to play Mahjong
Could someone remind me who has a mahjong set?
I'm up for a session. Does anyone want to suggest a venue and a time?
Wessex Anime on Livejournal
Eh. I've put us on LiveJournal. I'll put htis up there, and hope to put more general info such as thoughts on the new anime we looked at.
Bristol Cosplay Party
I'm told the next Bristol Cosplay event is on the 4th of July. I still haven't been to one... anyone else fancy going along?
Cheers all- trying to keep it brief. Email, phone, or of course now LiveJournal if you have any questions or want to discuss!
Joe 'Granny Gertrude' Sutton

Next Wessex Meet
 More here later...

Wessex Anime Meet
Sunday 14th June
Granny's House

Also planning to watch an anime series (maybe Amatsuki or Nerima Daikon Brothers) on Saturday night- all welcome, just shout out.


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